Foundation Crack Injection

In some opinions, this is the best, most cost effective permanent solution for foundation cracks.  

Cracks in a home's foundation is a fact of life, especially in houses with a poured concrete foundation. These are usually small hairline cracks that are caused by the concrete shrinking during drying or thermal movement. These cracks are not initially a cause for concern but over time they can begin to widen and that is when the problems can start allowing a pathway for water to enter the home.

There are many solutions for repairing foundation cracks that can involve costly and messy excavation around the property. But there is another method that can permanently repair these cracks that does not involve digging. This method is known as low pressure crack injection. This technique is considered reliable, cost effective and in most cases permanent.

Crack InjectionCrack injection process involves injecting, at low pressure, either an epoxy or polyurethane material into the basement crack. Whether epoxy or polyurethane is used will depend on the nature of the crack, the wall thickness as well as other factors. Once the injected material is cured the crack is sealed.

Foundation crack injection has been around for a number of years, if the right technique is used, it is 10 times better than outside waterproofing.  Outside waterproofing is only a surface repair of the crack.

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