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Permanent basement leak repair

Your best choice for permanent basement leak repair.Servicing the construction industry for over 20 years!

Written Transferable 20 year warranty

basement leak repair with atransferable 20 year written warranty.If you are thinking of a foundation wall repair, think Armadillo Contracting.

Don't Finish your basement unless you have repaired any visible cracks in the foundation, even if they are not currently moist or leaking!

Cracks in poured concrete foundation walls are a fact of life. These cracks are due to drying shrinkage and thermal movement and are the most frequent causes of cracking.

Drying shrinkage is caused by loss of moisture from cement paste constituent, which can shrink by as much as one percent. Cracks caused by structural settlement, overload or earthquakes. Most cracks form in the first 30 days after pouring and even the smallest undetected crack can, in time become larger and start a structural or leaking problem.

Humid or damp conditions in your home encourage the growth of mold and dust mites. Mold can develop from poor ventilation, flooding and building leaks.

It is less expensive to have cracks repaired before the leak starts rather than after you finish your basement and then discover a leak.You can save your self thousands of dollarsin the cost of replacing drywall, furniture, carpet, trim, etc. and of removing mold from your home.

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